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My interests in Amateur Radio


Well, I can say that I am addicted to ham radio. I'm active in VHF/UHF/HF, however I am most active in HF, Specifically 75m LSB.

I am absolutely obsessed with SSB and I am getting into ESSB. Currently my weapon of choice is an IC-7000 and an AL-572, although I am setting up two other ESSB stations. They are as follows, FT-920 and, a TS-850S AT. The 920 Has every acc you can think of except the FL-7000. And I just came across the TS-850 at a local hamfest, it is in absolutely amazing condition. I am currently looking for the DSP-100 for superb audio quality. As for my next and ultimate ESSB set up I will be setting up an Icom IC-756proIII. I will be putting in outboard audio equipment such as the W2IHY 8 Band EQ and EQ plus, as well as the Heil PR-40 and all accs. I also work a lot of 40, 20, 10, 6, and 2m SSB.

When it comes to VHF/UHF I�m not all that active. As I said before I do enjoy 6 and 2m ssb. But as for FM I really only check in to nets, which is something I enjoy doing on all bands I do participate in running the local 2m net.

When I do operate my favorite modes I participate in a few different ways. I enjoy contests, DX, and nets but I must say ragchewing is my favorite. I was part of field day for the first time last year and I had lots of fun. This year I plan to do things a little different however. I plan on running an IC-703+ on gel cell batteries and a homemade dipole.

Now QRP is a new concept to me, and something I plan on getting into very heavily. Now, I know that a 703 is not a true QRP rig on 13.6 vdc, but I will run it at 5w so it will be legit.

Now for a mode that I have just grown an interest in is CW. Yes I was licensed as a no code but the code bug bite me. Well actually the first time I took my test I was nine years old and passed the code exam at 5wpm. That was when the test was in to parts and there was also a 5wpm requirement. Now that was for Tech Plus so it was optional, I could have just become a tech.  The funny thing is that I passed the code exam and the written exam about CW but I failed the Tech exam, lol. Now I wish my grandfather would have pushed me to retake the test. Then maybe I would have used CW over the years and I would not have to re learn it, lol.

I also really enjoy going to hamfests and coffee brakes. As well as going to VE test sessions and just recently received my materials to become a VE.

Another thing I enjoy about the hobby is experimenting. I am getting into building kits so that I can acquire the knowledge to refurbish antique rigs. My first project will be something like a heathkit sb101. I enjoy constructing antennas, mostly HF antennas. In fact all of my HF antennas are homebrew.

Tube rigs are also a big passion of mine and I wish to acquire a large collection.

Well that about sums it up. 


Things have changed a bit over the last year or so. My station currently consists of the ProIII, 7000 w/ tuner, AL-572, VX7, some broadcast gear, and a few Shortwave receivers. Everything else has been purged from the shack and the mobile.

Update 2:
Once again, things have changed. Or rather, I have changed. I suppose adding a few years will do that, change a young mans opinion that is. 

My current interests are as follows: 

Station (Operating position): Elecraft K3/100, P3, KPA500, KAT500. 
Antennas: Six band HexBeam, 33' 40m vertical, 160m hlaf sloper, ladder line fed multi band doublet for 80(75)/40m, half wave dipole for 60m, and 2m yagi.
QRP (desktop): K3/10, P3.
Vintage SSB: Colins S-Line.
Vintage AM: Collins A-Line.


Well I have been listening to cw for a long time and rather enjoy it. So now that I have my 756ProIII I need to pick up a key and get on the air. 

CW is an area of amateur radio that I have been interested in for quite some time. Currently I am studying Morse code once again. Since I can only listen at the moment, I have lots of time to learn. Picking out a set of paddles and getting on the air will be a fun experience that I hope will come along shortly after arriving home. 


My interests in phone operation have changed a bit. The ESSB phase was short lived. I still like SSB over most modes but I will stick with 2.5-3.3 KHz. I have become interested in AM over the last few months and plan on putting together a plate modulated AM setup. However I will discuss that in the "New" boat anchors section.

Boat anchors

Not that this is a new obsession but I have been considering replenishing my "boat anchor" collection. I will give you a rundown.

Future AM setup
Collins 75A1, 32V2.

Future Tube SSB setup
Collins 72S3, 32S3.

As you can see, I have eclectic taste to say the least. Trust me, I will eventually have everything listed!

Hi all, and welcome to my website.  Thank you for taking the time to review my site, I hope you have enjoyed it.  Your signature in my guest book will be greatly appreciated as will your feedback in my blog. Also, dont forget to drop by my forum and say hello.


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