My Photos My Photos Modern feild day Can you say CQ haha 41265794 Mobile Phone This is (W8JDZ,s) new mobile phone?? 41265795 Shack from the past This is one of my older setups 41265620 Newer shack photos This photo is not my newest shack but most of the gear is the same. This is however the photo that I have. 41265748 TS-680 I had this TS-680 on the test bench for awhile be decided that I did not like it and subsequently sold it. 41265935 The desk library At the time this is what my desk library consisted of. ARRL handbooks 90, 91, 93, 86, and 73. I have since completed my collection of the 90's, most of the 80's, part of the 70's, some of the 60's, and a few from the 50's. Of course you see other items in the photo. Such as; A Golden Eagle D-104(unused/unwired and it was free), sony PSP(gives away my age), Taurus Tracker .44mag(from my other toy collection), and my AL-572(that I rarely use) 41266409 Broadcast gear In this Photo you see my log book, my VX7RB, some AM/FM gear, a Shortwave receiver(DXC-100), a Uniden speaker, and Icom sticker, and a coffee mug sporting my school mascot. 41266410 The heart of the shack At the heart of the shack you see, My ProIII, AL-572, and my 7000/AT-7000. 41266411 Maps and such Icom CQ/DX zones map, US grid square maps, Amateur bad allocations, and County Prefixes chart. 41270160 Radio Spectrum Chart Icom radio spectrum chart. including but not limited to amateur radio, shortwave, and much more. VLF-EHF 41270161 Random The US flag was given to my by My grandfather before he passed away(not KE3CK but my fathers father). He was in the USMC and very proud of his country. The sign was in the trunk of my 73 road runner. It was my first car, still have the sign, plates, and a few pics somewhere. On a side note; The car is 14 years older than I. 41270162 Stuff that predates the shack Knights of the Round Table dagger, fully functional mini guillotine(cigar cutter but it will take off your finger), blown glass ball, homemade gel candle, and cigar humidor. Side note; I quit smoking cigarettes about six months ago but I still allow myself one or two cigars a month. Never in the shack of course, that is just where they are housed. 41270163